Patient FAQs

Patient FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Avantect Pancreatic Cancer Test are listed below. If you do not find the information you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

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The Avantect Pancreatic Cancer Test is a blood test that detects cancer signals. This test analyzes fragments called cell-free DNA (cfDNA) circulating in the bloodstream, which enables the early detection of pancreatic cancer. Avantect combines the most advanced epigenomic and genomic science as well as machine learning to detect the presence or absence of an abnormal signal in the blood—providing guidance for a clear plan of action. 

The test is for people at higher risk of pancreatic cancer including patients over the age of 50 who are recently diagnosed (within three years) with type 2 diabetes. Research shows that 1 out of 100 patients in this group will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer within 3 years, this test aims to give you peace of mind.  We will also accept tests, when ordered, for patients with family history or genetic mutations for pancreatic cancer.  

In all patients with type 2 diabetes over 50 years, the risk of pancreatic cancer is up to two-fold higher compared to the general population and 6-8x higher for recently diagnosed diabetic patients. Early disease detection of pancreatic cancer (Stage I, II) has been linked to improved outcomes and survival. When pancreatic cancer is found early, treatment can significantly increase survival. 

A not detected result does not completely rule out the presence of pancreatic cancer, as there are rare cases in which there is a false negative result.  Your physician may recommend repeat testing at a later date.

An abnormal signal detected result is not a diagnosis of cancer and will require follow up diagnostic imaging. If imaging is negative, repeat testing may be recommended by your physician.

ClearNote Health accepts all insurances and will bill your insurance. We understand that each patients insurance situation is unique and coverage for the Avantect Pancreatic Cancer test will differ based on your insurance type. If your insurance provides payment directly to you, please forward that payment to ClearNote Health as soon as possible. In the event your insurance provider denies coverage for the Avantect Pancreatic Cancer Test, ClearNote Health will support the appeal process on your behalf and work to obtain coverage. Additional information to support appeals on may be needed from you or your physician’s office. ClearNote Health has several payment options including individually tailored payment plans, affordable self-pay options and for those meeting eligibility criteria, patient financial assistance in the event you are uninsured or underinsured with your insurance carrier 

ClearNote Health will work with you on payment options including self-pay rates, and discounts for those meeting eligibility criteria through our financial assistance program. 

ClearNote Health offers financial assistance for patients meeting eligibility criteria.  ClearNote Health will help you navigate out-of-pocket expenses where coinsurance, copays, or deductibles may occur per individual insurance plan coverage policies. In the event insurance does not cover the test, you may access the financial assistance program and establish flexible payment plans. Call our Customer Success Team  at 1-833-258-7827 to learn more about out-of-pocket expenses prior to the submission of your Avantect Pancreatic Test Order.

ClearNote Health can accept payment through HSAs and FSAs or provide a detailed invoice for your submission to your health savings account.  For an estimate of out-of-pocket expenses in advance of your Avantect Pancretic Cancer Test order, please contact our Customer Success Team at 1-833-258-7827.

Please contact our Customer Success Team at +1-833-258-7827.

It’s Easy to Get the Avantect Pancreatic Cancer Test 

  1. Your healthcare provider orders the test with a test requisition form. 
  2. You take a completed form to the person who will draw your blood. You do not need to fast. 
  3. We will make the results available to your health care provider within 2 weeks of receiving your sample at our laboratory. 

Important information

The Avantect Pancreatic Cancer Test is an early detection test. The test does not establish a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, and results should be considered in the context of other clinical criteria. Definitive diagnosis of pancreatic cancer usually requires a series of imaging scans, blood tests, and a biopsy. Not all pancreatic cancers will be detected. Some patients with pancreatic cancer may have a “Signal not detected” result. Some patients without pancreatic cancer may have a “Signal detected” result. False-negative and false-positive results are possible. A “Signal not detected” result does not guarantee that no pancreatic cancer is present. In some cases, no result is obtained. While this is very uncommon, it may be caused by shipping delays or when there is not enough cell-free DNA for the test in the patient’s blood. If this happens, we generally ask for a repeat blood sample for testing at no extra cost.

The test was developed in the ClearNote Health CLIA-certified (CLIA# 05D2249973) and CAP-accredited (CAP# 9219174) laboratory and has not been cleared or approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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